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At Sofitech Solutions, we offer the most effective search engine optimization services in India and beyond. We work with our partners and associates for SEO services in USA and more. Drive Valuable traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines.

Steps of SEO Process

  • Keyword Research and finding high value keywords.
  • Optimize your webdesign and identify weaknesses in copywriting.
  • Perform link building for relevant keywords to pages of your website.
  • Use Google analytics to measure results achieved.

We here at Sofitech Solutions, does not take your SEO needs lightly. You trust us because we give you the greatest performance, ultimate ethical elucidation, robust technologies and most effective and economical search engine optimization solutions of the date.

We as a SEO company, promise that we increase in business based on our professional search engine optimization strategies, cutting edge marketing expertise and contemporary advertising methods. We completely understand that, there is no such search engine optimization tool-set that is able to meet the needs of different individual or company. So, in order to serve our customers to the fullest our specialists set up quick, practical and convenient consultations with each client to find what exactly they expect and what are their goals and requirements. After all no business owner has the time to:

  • Write strong, compelling, grammatically correct website contents.
  • Research and experiment correct targeted keywords.
  • Build reputable relevant links that could help website to gain credibility.
  • And program the website with meta descriptions and keyword tags.

Fortunately, SEO specialists at Sofitech Solutions does it best. Our affordable search engine optimization team picks up where other Internet marketing companies leave off. We develop search engine marketing strategy that suits and benefit your website. Your website contents are written by skilled and experienced copywriters and our expert programmers implement all necessary things in your site like links, tags, meta descriptions and others. Where even most upscale professionals sometimes struggle with the definition of SEO, we help businesses to get better rankings every day. Sofitech Solutions explains the process of SEO below:

Step 1 - Whenever any customer uses Google, Bing or Yahoo or any other search engine to search a product or service like yours, they simply enter the keywords that describe what they want or looking for. Those entered keywords usually include the product or service in the question or the location that that they want to find. That's termed as a keyword phrase and it's the first component of search engine optimization. As your SEO provider, we target those keyword phrases in your website text to help you rank high in search engines.

Step 2 - The next step of SEO process is to create contents that could attract search engine “spiders”. “Spiders” or “Crawlers” are programs that crawl in Internet in search of specific attributes within websites. Those attributes are discussed below that help spiders to index the website and place it right on search engine result pages.

Title Tags - It is found on the top left portion of your web browser, which help search engine spiders to know what the website is about and match the search queries.
Meta Tags - They are embedded in the code of your website and help spiders to identify the type of website which is being crawled.
Anchor Texts - These are links in your web pages that lead to other web pages on your website.
Inbound Links - They are links that is coming from other websites and allow search engine spiders to travel easily from one site to other for better categorization of your site and others.
Sitemap - It is a page on the website that shows a link to every other page on the site. It helps in directing the spiders to other pages of the website.

Step 3 - The final SEO process entails these three components:

Unique Content - It is one of the most important things to maintain that every website content should be unique because now duplicate contents are being penalized by the Google's Panda and Penguin updates. So, you need company like us who could write unique content for all your pages.
Coding - Website's infrastructure is very important as it should be search engine friendly and should be designed to cater the spiders. And to do this you need coding pro with solid SEO expertise to know how to do this.
New Content - Last but not the least and the most important is refreshing the web content of your website on a regular basis. It may include texts, videos or everything else which will help you get better rankings in the search engines.

To do all these tasks for a website is not easy and business owners don’t have time to do all these on their own. That’s why Sofitech Solutions is there to do all this every day for you.

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